Collaborative have the expertise, knowledge and hosting infrastructure to accommodate your small or large business hosting requirements.  We offer a professional, reliable and cost effective hosting service.

Collaborative provide a secure, accessible solution, utilising our dedicated hosting platform, based on 24x7 reliability, major bandwidth and best practice security, including 256 bit SSL data encryption and no anonymous FTP access to our hosting servers as well as free technical support. 

Data Centre and Network
Collaborative have three secure high performance dedicated hosting servers located within the TransACT data centre on Northbourne Avenue in Canberra. The data centre housing Collaborative’s servers are built on a State-of-the-art Cisco powered network, fully redundant network (no single point of failure), Dual gigabit uplinks to all data racks and three Global Tier-1 Upstream connections with load balancing, and automatic fail-over as well as local peering.

SecureHostingSecure Dedicated Hosting Servers
Collaborative's dedicated primary website hosting server is running the rock solid Linux CentOS operating system with PHP and Apache; the world’s most popular and secure web server. Our secure hosting servers are managed via our Parallel’s “Plesk” control panel; server management software developed specifically for the hosting service industry.  

Plesk is an awarding winning mature product, which is deployed in many professional hosting environments worldwide. Collaborative Systems servers have been configured with the highest levels of security with 256 bit data encryption, dedicated intrusion detection Plesk firewall and all servers are remotely managed by authorised and experienced Collaborative personnel only. 

Collaborative Backups
Our hosting servers are backed-up daily, utilising the high performance backup software (R1Soft Continuous Data Protection), backups are stored remotely on our secure backup server with fast 100MB direct connection; our backup software can also be configured with hourly or even minutely backups if required and also provides complete Bare-Metal restores providing the highest levels of backups and restores. These measures ensure that in the event of any unlikely system failure, we are confident that we can restore any individual hosted website or our entire primary hosting servers quickly.  

Data Centre Security
The TransACT data centre features:

  • Monitoring of all access points to the building
  • Security cameras that continually monitor the facility
  • Physical security; a minimum of two layers for the carrier-grade site and three layers for the HP site
  • Card access technology that tracks and records all door entry and exit transactions.

Network Operations Centre
The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is manned 24 hours, every day of the year. NOC staff are highly trained and can provide telephone and on-site support if required.

TransACT's data centre sits within the Canberra power grid. This is supported by an in-building power substation supplying 4,000 APMS to a 450 kVA UPS system that supplies conditioned AC power to the TransACT data centre. The UPS's 3-string battery backup supplies 450kVA and is backed by a (750kVA) diesel generator. TransACT has on-site fuel storage to service the generator system running at full load for a period of approximately 288 hours.

All areas have n + 1 redundancy built into the cooling capacity in the event of a failure. The data centre's ambient room temperature and humidity is monitored along with the plenum charge being delivered to cabinets.

All systems are alarmed and managed by the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and dedicated facilities staff. The NOC operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Building Security
The TransACT data centre possesses a highly robust construction, having previously housed the Department of Administration mainframes. The centre is windowless and physically separated from TransACT House tower. Brick ramparts minimize the effect of any potential heavy vehicle impact.

Security monitoring
CCTV cameras are strategically located throughout the facility, recording 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Access to secure areas is via data key system, authorised by our computerised access-control system. No unescorted visitor or contractor will be allowed access to the facility unless our client has given prior authorisation.